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Grace did my business photography, and I love the results. She had done a mini-class on photography through Traction (, which I took, so I knew she knew her stuff. I enjoyed the session at a location she arranged to meet my color/background needs. She was determined to get things looking the way they needed to.

David Prins/ Lead Designer at Sustainable Branding Co.

I had the pleasure of working with Grace on several projects during her time at the U.S. EPA. As the Communications Coordinator asking for graphics services, Grace always had clear, crisp writing and great visual ideas to accompany them (something graphic designers do not see with most projects). Her thinking was often out-of-the-box and fresh, and I admired her knowledge and command of photography, the web, and both new and old technology and media.

John Havel / Historian and Researcher of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

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