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Vision is more than what you see, it's about letting others see you.

We believe in the power of your story


Grace Camblos Media was founded in 2008 because we love people and their stories. Stories have power.  Through video, photography, and writing we capture, preserve, and help people tell their stories. Our goal is to connect people with their history, family, culture, and legacy through a variety of media.

Let us help you to preserve fleeting moments. Photographs fade, but your memories don't have to.



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Meet the Team

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Grace Camblos

Founder, Creative Director

Grace is a video producer, writer, and photographer based in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She believes in the power stories and their ability to connect people to their deeper roots and to each other. She has spent years documenting people's stories through film, photography, and the written word.
She enjoys playing banjo, singing, and making traditional music at jams and festivals throughout the Southeast.

Erin Coyle

Digital Partner

Erin is a multimedia specialist, writer, artist, and creative coach who deeply appreciates the connections most people overlook. She specializes in visioning and nurturing ideas to their full development.

Erin also enjoys teaching and performing improvisational comedy.



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Grace Camblos

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