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I'm fully booked through December of 2023. Now accepting applications for 2024.

Photography | Video | Copy

Vision is more than what you see, it's about letting others see you.

I believe in the power of your story



When flipping through old photo albums or scrolling through your photos on your phone, each frame unfolds a narrative, evokes emotions, and brings back memories.


That day at the beach ten years ago, feels as close as your fingertips. And for just a moment, those people who have passed on are right there with you too. 


Through video, photography, and writing I'll help you connect with your history, family, culture, and legacy through a variety of media.


Photographs fade, but your memories don't have to.



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Hi there!

I'm Grace Camblos

I've spent years documenting stories through film, photography, and the written word. I grew up in southern Virginia, and in 2006 I earned my master’s degree in journalism from UNC. I believe in purpose-driven work and am happiest when using my skills to make the world a better place. 





Whether it's a family gathering, a couple's shoot, corporate event, or simply documenting the beauty of ordinary life, I'll capture candid, natural, and authentic images that reflect the true spirit of the moment.



I bring a creative and storytelling-focused approach to videography. I'll capture the magic and essence of your special moments, whether it's weddings, corporate conferences, concerts, or social gatherings. I'll blend seamlessly into the event, to make sure that every detail is documented with a storyteller’s eye.



Whether it’s capturing family stories, or writing a biography, I’ll use my skills as a copyeditor and photo editor to help you tell written and visual stories that'll be cherished for years to come.



I look forward to connecting!

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